Please note that the instructions for this process have slightly changed.

Request Instructions

Step One – Manager/authorised person

  1. Complete the online Request For Training Form (this will be automatically be sent to Support Office for review/approval)
  2. Once request is Approved by Advantage Head Office, select the relevant course below
  3. Read the course Pre-enrolment information
  4. Have the staff member complete the below steps (this needs to be the staff member due to the personal details required during enrolment)
  5. Guild Training will process the enrolment and invoice Support Office

Step Two – Staff member (Only after approval is received from Advantage Head Office)

  1. Go to the relevant course from below list and select ‘Click here to enrol through GuildEd’ at the bottom of page (You will have to create a GuildEd account if you don’t have an account)
  2. Complete all online enrolment details for the course
  3. Disregard any information about payment as Advantage Head Office will arrange payment.
  4. Guild Training will process your enrolment and provide details for your course

Need Assistance

Contact the below for any enrolment or approval enquiries. Email or phone Support Office on 03 9703 9500


Nikki Riches –

Course Information


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Other Short Courses

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Certificate Courses

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QCPP Approved Refresher Training

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