RTOID: 0452


Skill Sets

The skill set provides your pharmacy assistants the training to attain the required units, skills and knowledge to meet the Pharmacy Board’s requirements and equips them to provide the technical support you need within your pharmacy.

Skill Set: SIRSS00030 – Introduction to Community Pharmacy

$ 980 Guild Members
  • AFSPA Members – $1180
  • Non-Guild Members – $1380
Dispensary assistants play a critical role in the supply and delivery of prescription medicines to the community. In recognition of this important role Guild Training provides the Nationally Recognised Skill Set: SIRSS00012 – Community Pharmacy Dispensary

SIRSS00012 - Community Pharmacy Dispensary

$ 1250 Guild Members
  • AFSPA Members – $1475
  • Non-Guild Members – $1950