Untitled-2What are the benefits of training to a pharmacy assistant?

Why train your staff?

But don’t take our word for it…

Simonne Cramer – Scaffidi Group

We choose the Guild because they offer flexible quality training, that suits our pharmacy group.

When staff are trained through the Guild they are competent upon completion. We value the established relationships with the state managers and trainers, who offer support and feedback to students and employers.

The ‘competent’ and ‘not yet competent’ element of the assessment process helps reduce a students fear of failing. They have the understanding they may be told to revisit a unit or work with their trainer to become competent.

Having trained staff creates a confident working environment which also increases work flow. It is a professional environment for customers, and their waiting time is reduced by having all staff trained to assist and manage the work flow. Staff are able to identify situations and refer to the pharmacist which enables the pharmacist to be more engaged with the customer.