Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment process that matches the skills and knowledge gained through work, study and life experience against the training that is covered in the Community Pharmacy qualifications or individual units from these qualifications.

As we move through life we gain skills and knowledge in many different ways. Skills can be developed by attending short courses, study or training undertaken on the job. Skills and knowledge can also be gained through work in the pharmacy, another business or voluntary work we undertake in the community.

There are a range of benefits to both the learner and employer when RPL is applied:

Learner benefits

  • Recognition of currents skills
  • Qualification achieved in less time
  • Less course work

Employer benefits

  • Less time in training
  • Motivated staff learning new skills
  • Identification of skill or knowledge gaps

Guild Training’s RPL process allows the learner to determine the skills and knowledge they already have, match this to the training they are required to complete and gather evidence to demonstrate their skills.

The evidence provided by the learner is then assessed by a qualified Guild trainer. Guild trainers have current industry experience which ensures that learners are assessed against industry standards.

RPL Process

  1. Learner is provided with an RPL kit
  2. Learner matches current knowledge and skill to training requirements
  3. Learner gathers evidence to demonstrate skills and knowledge
  4. Guild trainer matches evidence to training requirements
  5. Guild trainer conducts a competency conversation to close the gaps
  6. Guild trainer determines learner skills and knowledge against industry standards