You have seen them on movies posters, in magazines and on the sides of Melbourne’s trams. They are those strange square shaped barcodes that are appearing everywhere yet not everyone knows how to use them.
QR (Quick Response) codes are used to store useful information like website addresses.

How to use QR Codes on your mobile device

First you’ll need to get an app that reads QR codes.
Search for QR in your devices app store; there is an abundance of free and paid apps available.

Next go to the QR code in this issue of Guild News. Most apps will start scanning for a QR code automatically – just point your device camera at the code. Some apps may require you to take a photo of the code.

Apps like QRReader don’t require you to take a physical picture – simply centre the QR code in between the bars and it should pick up on it. Once the QR code is found, the app will try to open the information – if you are scanning a code in this issue, your device should take you straight to the relevant webpage. That’s it! 

You can now scan all those handy QR codes you see floating around in Guild News, magazines, books, stores, and more.

If you would like further information about using QR codes contact Jason Innes on 03 9810 9999