approved qcpp refresher training

Pharmacy assistants and dispensary assistants employed in QCPP accredited pharmacies, who are involved in the delivery of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines, must complete mandatory initial training via a Recognised Course in the supply of these products.

Recognised Courses for Initial Training

In accordance with Action 2.1 of T2C ‘Supplying Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only MedicinesChecklist’, the following training is considered a Recognised Course to meet requirements of initial training:

  • Support the Sale of Pharmacy and Pharmacist Only Medicines (SIRPPKS001A)
  • Certificate II in Community Pharmacy – WRP20102
  • Certificate III in Community Pharmacy – WRP30102
  • Certificate II in Community Pharmacy – SIR20107
  • Certificate III in Community Pharmacy – SIR30107
  • Certificate IV in Community Pharmacy – SIR40107

This training must be delivered by a registered training organisation operating within their scope of practice.

Refresher Training

After completing initial training, pharmacies must demonstrate that a minimum of three hours of training on the delivery of these medicines has been completed for each year. The Refresher Training Guidelines explains the requirements for QCPP accredited pharmacies.

Approved Refresher Training

This type of training is approved by QCPP and delivered by staff external to the pharmacy. Courses can be presented by RTO’s, pharmaceutical companies, health organisations etc, and delivered in-pharmacy or at other venues. Staff are required to receive a Certificate of Attendance and the course details should be appropriately recorded on the staff training record (T15B).

The QCPP has developed a logo (to the right) to help pharmacy staff recognise approved Refresher Training courses that can be counted toward their Refresher Training QCPP requirements. The QCPP recommends that organisations providing Refresher Training display the Refresher Training Approval logo strategically on any training materials developed.

Download the Approved Refresher Training List – Note, training remains on this list for two years post approval period to inform pharmacy staff and QCPP Assessors what courses can be used as evidence to meet training requirements. As a result some training may no longer be available.

The Refresher Training Criteria Approval form describes the criteria that must be met for Refresher Training Approval.

Refresher Training Criteria for Approval