single units

Course outline

There will be times when you may not want to enrol in a full qualification and just need to complete one or two units from the Community Pharmacy qualifications to increase your skills or take on a new role in the pharmacy. You may need to complete the dispensary units so that you can take on the role of dispensary assistant or you may need specialist skills in recruitment, stock control or product knowledge.

Individual units also provide the benefit of completing an accredited and nationally recognised unit without having to undertake a full qualification. Units completed may be credited towards a full qualification in the future.

Review the comprehensive list of units and select those that will help consolidate your role in the pharmacy.

Course duration

As this is a single unit of study this course must be completed within 3 months. This will depend on the level of experience and knowledge of the learner.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. However students need to be employed in a community pharmacy.

Delivery method

This course is delivered via workbook and completed whilst working in a community pharmacy. A verbal assessment with a Guild Trainer and a supervisors evidence report will also be required.

 Course Fees

  • Guild Members – $150
  • AFSPA Members – $200
  • Non-Guild Members – $250


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SIRCDIS408 Coordinate service to patients in residential care settings
SIRXMGT001A Coordinate work teams
SIRCDIS302 Deliver medicines to customers outside the pharmacy
SIRXMGT003A Lead and manage people
SIRXINV002A / SIRXICT303 Maintain and order stock / Operate retail information technology
HLTIN402C Maintain infection control standards in office practice
SIRXWHS302 Maintain store safety
SIRXINV407 Manage suppliers
SIRCMER401 / SIRXMER405 Market and promote a pharmacy products and services area / Manage store
presentation and pricing
SIRXMER201 Merchandise products
SIRCIND201 Operate in a community pharmacy framework
SIRXICT303 Operate retail information technology systems / Balance and secure
point-of-sale terminal
SIRXICT001A Operate retail technology
SIRXCLM101 / SIRXWHS101 Organise and maintain work areas / Apply safe work practices
SIRXCLM101 / SIRXWHS101 / HLTIN301C Organise and maintain work areas / Apply safe work practices / Comply with
infection control policies and procedures
HLTSL408D Perform home based assessments for sleep studies
SIRXINV001A / SIRXINV002A Perform stock control procedures / Maintain and order stock
SIRXINV001A / SIRXRSK201 Perform stock control procedures / Minimise loss
SIRCIND202 Plan a career in community pharmacy
SIRXINV003A / SIRXINV005A Plan inventory levels / Control inventory
SIRXMER202 / SIRXMER201 Plan, create and maintain displays / Merchandise products
BSBFIA302A Process payroll
SIRXCCS203 / SIRXMRP002A Promote loyalty programs / Provide marketing and promotion program
SIRCHCS412 Provide Australian Needle and Syringe Program services
BSBMGT405A / SIRCCPM501 Provide personal leadership / Lead and develop pharmacy teams
SIRXRPK002A Recommend hair, beauty and cosmetic products and services
SIRXHRM002A Recruit and select personnel
HLTCSD306C Respond effectively to difficult or challenging behaviour
SIRXSLS201 Sell products and services
SIRCHCS413 Supply and hire aids and equipment to support home health care
SIRCHCS414 Support the management of obstructive sleep apnoea
SIRCHCS408 Test blood glucose and advise on equipment and services for diabetes
SIRCHCS407 Test blood pressure and advise on self-monitoring
HLTCOM408D Use specific health terminology to communicate effectively
SIRXIND101 / SIRXCOM101 Work effectively in a customer service environment / Communicate in the
workplace to support team and customer outcomes