dispensary assistant course

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Course outline

Dispensary assistants play a critical role in the supply and delivery of prescription medicines to the community. In recognition of this important role Guild Training has developed a course of study for the new dispensary assistant.

This course combines a selected number of units from the Community Pharmacy qualifications to provide skills in dispensing medicines, stock control, dispensary administration and an optional unit for packing dose administration aids. The units included in this course will meet Pharmacy Board training requirements for dispensary assistants.

Who should do this course?

Pharmacy assistants who are required to complete dispensary units to meet their pharmacy’s needs.

Course duration

This course must be completed within 6 months.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course. However students need to be employed in a community pharmacy and will require time to work in the dispensary.

Delivery method

This course is delivered via workbook and completed whilst working in a community pharmacy. Student will also be required to complete a Workplace Activity Journal for the dispensary units. Support and assessment is provided by a qualified Guild trainer throughout the course duration.

Course fees

  • Guild Members – $900 (Additional units $150 each)
  • AFSPA Members – $1075 (Additional units $200 each)
  • Non-Guild Members – $1250 (Additional units $250 each)

Standard course includes electronic/PDF workbooks. Hardcopy Learner Guides (workbooks) are available for $25 per unit.

NOTE: Payment of the course fee will be required before course materials are provided. A tax invoice will be issued with payment options during the enrolment process. Please refer to the pre-enrolment information guide for additional information.

Course structure

Dispensary assistants can attain the required skills and knowledge by completing one of the tailored dispensary courses developed by the Guild.

  • SIRCIND002 Support the supply of Pharmacy Medicines and Pharmacist Only Medicines
  • SIRCDIS001 Assist customers with prescriptions
  • SIRCDIS003 Assist in dispensing prescriptions
  • SIRCDIS006 Maintain Dispensary Stock
  • SIRCDIS007 Administer dispensary computer system and claims

Additional dispensary units can be completed to further extend your knowledge

  • SIRCDIS004 Assist in preparing dose administration aids

Training requirements for dispensary assistants

The Pharmacy Board of Australia states that ‘Pharmacists may be assisted in the preparation, dispensing and supply of medicines, and other tasks in a pharmacy business or pharmacy department, by suitably trained dispensary assistants.’

In addition ‘Pharmacists who are responsible for employing a dispensary assistant/technician in practice must employ or engage suitably trained and experienced individuals to perform duties under pharmacist supervision, and ensure that the tasks correspond to and are limited to their level of education, training and experience.’

The Dispensary Assistants Course developed by Guild Training meets this Pharmacy Board requirement.


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